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Holistic design requires cross-sectoral, cross-disciplinary collaboration and data sharing. Circular Design Innovation community is the first step of collaboration towards fully circular design.

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Our first application areas

We have started our ambitious work with the following seven theme areas. Our key results will be updated here and we welcome you join our work already now.

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Food systems – circular concepts with resource efficient processing, nutrient recycling and value added products

Contact: Lotta Heikkilä, theme group leader

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Textiles – pro-active design, transparent value chains and recycling technologies for sustainable closed-loop textiles

Contact: Kirsi Niinimäki, theme group leader

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Construction – holistic designs and technologies for longer lifetime and circular material use

Contact: Petr Hradil, theme group leader

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Metals and minerals – smart material use and holistic design for sustainable mineral value chain

Contact: Marjaana Karhu, theme group leader

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Electronics – circular designs based on safe and abundant materials and waste minimization

Contact: Liisa Hakola, theme group leader

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Batteries – ethically and sustainably produced battery solutions through the value chain based on circular principles and design

Contact: Marjaana Karhu, theme group leader

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Packaging – tailored and sustainable closed-loop packaging solutions based on just-right-for-the-purpose materials

Contact: Holger Pöhler, theme group leader


Circular Design Network -project

The climate change, marine plastics and other urgent environmental issues call for rapid responses. In addition to the on-going stepwise development of existing value chains and operations, we need solutions that are circular by design and have the potential to change our mode of operation more rapidly and at the system level.

Päivi Kivikytö-Reponen Circular Design Network project coordinator

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Circular Innovation Fair 2020


Showcase: Woodio

Showcase: Kamupak


Novel hops derived products from farming and brewing industry side streams


Design out mine waste and CO2 emission for durable products

High Purity Metal Extraction

Using Plasma and Magnetic Spectrometry

Sustainable Growing

Medium for Global Greenhouse Production

Closing the Loop

in Wood Construction

Circular Indicators Toolbox

a digital toolbox for extended life cycle designs

Virtual Zero Waste

Agrofood System

Clothing Circulator

a data driven service platform for consumers


a packaging concept designed from polymer to customer to recyclable material for minimized CO2 emissions


a transparent and sustainable textile value chain

VIS – Sustainable

Urban Food Production Platform

Yuki, Your Kitchen

zero food waste


for Microplastics

Mining Plastics out of Ocean

and Converting to Diesel