Event|September 22, 2021

Circular Design Network Batteries Think Tank II: Data and traceability in the battery value chain

Tuesday 28.9.2021 9:00–12:00 via Zoom

Come to hear keynote talks about traceability in the battery system, what is ongoing in EU regarding the battery passport concept and the concrete cases in different value chain stages. After keynote talks, join us to interactive workshop session for open discussion to identify the development needs and project seeds in following themes:  traceability of raw materials, data management and traceability, life-cycle traceability and design, traceability for risk management and use cases of traceability.

Battery legislation is under development for aiming to ensure sustainable and safe batteries throughout their life cycle. For achieving these targets, the traceability of the batteries is crucial, and therefore the concept of battery passport has been recently proposed. This would mean that in future industrial batteries and electric vehicle batteries shall have an electronic record, a battery passport, for each individual battery placed on the market. The passport could disclose information e.g. about the included materials, their origins, various life cycle impacts and recyclability. Key technical questions that need to be solved in the implementation of a battery passport are related to where the data is stored, who has access to the data, how data is analyzed, what are the relevant key performance indicators and how are they calculated. Key business-related questions that each stakeholder needs to solve are the business benefits related to the passport concept, the key partners and the business models supported by the battery passport.

A major leap in sustainability can be achieved in the design phase by considering the whole life cycle of batteries and adopting circular economy principles. Can traceability and battery passports be the crucial enablers for circular design and holistic system level understanding, enabling the design of the optimal battery value chains? Is this the way to prioritize true circularity already from the start of the life cycle? What does this require and what are the key development needs? What business opportunities can be captured through circular design?

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