Event|January 24, 2022

Unlocking the Full Potential in Circular Minerals – from Tailings to Chemicals and Materials

Efficient valorisation of mineral side streams saves money, decreases CO2 emissions, limits the consumption of virgin natural resources, and creates new business opportunities. Of all Finland’s annual side streams, the residues from the mining and processing industry form a significant share – it’s time to tap on to the wasted value and unexploited opportunities they offer for circular economy. 

To make the most out of the side streams, a national consensus and extensive cooperation through the value chain is needed. Without collaborative piloting and investments, the utilization levels will not reach the targets. To boost the cooperation, VTT, Geological Survey of Finland, University of Oulu and LUT University have joined their forces to advance the circular economy of mineral side streams.

As a concrete first step, we cordially invite you to participate in our webinar on Thursday, 10th February. In the webinar, keynote speakers will share valuable insights on the current national status and future steps needed in the field. We will also hear the most recent research success stories about valorisation of our valuable side streams.  

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