About Circular Design

Key actions for holistic circular design


Understanding material and value flows at the system level based on data

Understanding environmental impacts and regulative boundaries

Identifying system level value gaps and opportunities in tech and business

Innovating and developing disruptive circular-by-design concepts and operations

Piloting, demonstrating and upscaling new circular concepts

Design out waste and innovate for longer product lifetime.

Jumping into the Next Paradigm: Circular Design for Holistic Solutions

Circular economy is the talk of the day in the European R&D scene. With most sectors of industry, we recognize its importance. And rightly so – we are globally discarding and wasting 91% of all material resources after use and downgrading our environment as we go. We are also wasting energy and money in continuously extracting virgin raw material from the nature, instead of re-using and recycling.

So, circular economy makes sense. Happily, a lot is already ongoing: the Finnish ministry-led national circular economy programme preparation, the European Green Deal, many company and regional initiatives, etc. Is all set then for a sustainable circular economy future? We don’t think so, despite all the good work already ongoing.

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